31 Jul '15, 10pm

"Discus Throws" help train sequencing while teaching golfers to create power from the ground:

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Full article: http://www.mytpi.com/exercises#180_degree_pivot_with_discus


HMS Bangor exercises with Egyptian Navy

royalnavy.mod.uk 31 Jul '15, 12pm

The visits to Egypt were superb and I’m very proud of the way my team have both helped to maintain and enhance our long fr...

#Russia and #China plan #military drills in #SeaOfJapan

#Russia and #China plan #military drills in #Se...

sputniknews.com 30 Jul '15, 8pm

Occurring between August 20 and 28, the exercises will take place in the Gulf of Peter the Great, off the coast of Vladivo...