30 Jul '12, 8am

@JohnLettersGolf support @yourgolftravel on their 300 mile 'Walk For Seve' from London to Lytham

@JohnLettersGolf support @yourgolftravel on their 300 mile 'Walk For Seve' from London to Lytham

John Letters of Scotland, the equipment brand with 94 years of clubmaking history, were honoured to lend their support to Your Golf Travel and their 300 mile walk from London to Lytham in aid of the Seve Ballesteros Foundation. Not only did Managing Director John Andrew join Ross Marshall from Your Golf Travel and his ‘Walk for Seve’ team for the latter stages of their walk to Lytham, but he also donated Ross his very own set of John Letters clubs to carry as part of the fundraising exercise. “We were delighted to help our friends at Your golf Travel. Ross and Andrew are friends of mine and together we are working hard to raise funds for the Seve Ballesteros Foundation and Cancer research UK. Their efforts walking from London to Lytham are nothing short of incredible” said John Andrew. Ross Marshall, one of the founders of Your Golf Travel.com, was part of a the ‘Walk for ...

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