27 Apr '15, 3pm

How The Body Affects The Golf Swing: It’s all in the hips, says @Syurgal

The points that you measure with the six pro golfers is not consistent with the face-on tilt measure in your introductory picture (2 degrees). For the six pro golfers, you measure the back half of the hip cross sections, which is in effect a measure of hip bend forward and not the same as the hip tilt you show at the beginning, which is face on at address. If you look at a hipbone-to-hipbone tilt in the pro golfer pictures, it is much less than the red line that you draw, which is essentially trailing hipbone to belt buckle, and the belt buck is lower than the hipbone on both sides of the body. Draw lines and measure from hipbone to hipbone (illiac crests of the hips). As measured, the tilt is extremely exaggerated when compared to the face on view.

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