30 Mar '15, 8pm

The 90/90 Test measures ext. rotation in the shoulder and scapular stability in golf posture:

This test is designed to highlight any limitations in mobility of the gleno-humeral joint and/or stability of the scapulo-thoracic junction. More specifically, the 90/90 Test measures the player’s range of external rotation in the shoulder and their ability to maintain scapular stability in a golf posture. We look at the amount of external rotation in each shoulder from a standing position and then compare that range to how the shoulder rotates in their golf posture. Many golfers will lose range of motion in their golf posture due to a lack of scapular stability. If the shoulder blade elevates or flares due to muscular imbalances or poor posture in their golf stance, it will change the orientation of the glenoid fossa (shoulder joint). This in turn, will greatly reduce the amount of external rotation in their shoulder joint.

Full article: http://www.mytpi.com/articles/screening/the_90_90_test


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