26 Feb '15, 8pm

Fred Gehrisch, CGCS, is 2014 Superintendent of the Year!

Fred Gehrisch, CGCS, is 2014 Superintendent of the Year!

“Fred Gehrisch not only knows how to grow grass and manage a crew and a budget, he is also very attuned to the club members and probably the staff member who does the best job of seeing that members have reason to be proud of the club,” said Highlands Falls general manager Jason Macaulay. “This is more than just the condition of the golf course. Our celebration of the history of the club and the accomplishments of Joe Lee, the golf course architect, was Fred’s idea from the start. It was his vision that our members would have a much greater appreciation of the club if we could do a good job of presenting its history to them. He and I worked together closely on the project for a full year and I’ve got to say that Fred was the reason for the success of what we now call the Joe Lee Room and the dedication plaque recognizing Joe Lee that now graces our first tee. He is much mo...

Full article: http://www.turfnet.com/GIS_2015/?p=1560


You guys! I'm speaking at @railsconf this year!

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When you want to talk to someone, where do you turn? Skype? Slack or HipChat? Maybe even an old-fashioned telephone? As gr...