28 Jun '14, 12pm

Today we remember George Knudson, a @CGHF member who was born on this day in 1937:

George Knudson, who possessed one of the finest golf swings of all time, was one of Canada's top PGA Tour professionals, winning eight tournaments in his 11-year career, more than any other Canadian before or since. At home, Knudson captured the CPGA Championship five times and was low Canadian professional at the Canadian Open on five other occasions.

Full article: http://www.rcga.org/hall_of_famer.aspx?id=30


Animal Farm – George: Street art (Best of) Anim...

mdolladesign.blogspot.com 29 Jun '14, 4pm

Animal Farm – George Orwell. Singapore.

Moving on at the PGA Championship of Canada

Moving on at the PGA Championship of Canada

pgaofcanada.com 25 Jun '14, 7pm

A slew of the top seeds advanced Wednesday into to the round-of-16 at the PGA Championship of Canada sponsored by Mr. Lube...