16 Aug '11, 6pm

Fulton Blog: How to stay calm after a bad shot #pgatour

Fulton Blog: How to stay calm after a bad shot #pgatour

At that moment, you become a different golfer; your internal dialogue changes and everything around you seems to be happening faster. I can remember playing in high school and referring to this annoying stretch of golf as the "bogey train." It was amazing: I would be cruising along feeling great and then all of a sudden, a bad drive or a three-putt would lead to a bogey. No big deal, right? But the problem was this bogey would often have a lasting effect, resulting in another or even a series of bogeys. Eventually, as I regained my composure, I would get off the famous "bogey train" and get back to playing my game.

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    Applies to Life, and not only golf

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