31 Aug '17, 7pm

Hunter Mahan's lonely quest to refind his game:

Hunter Mahan's lonely quest to refind his game:

Though humbling, the next four tournaments represent an opportunity for Mahan to play his way back to exempt status and, perhaps, jumpstart a career that not long ago showed so much promise. Last fall, Mahan changed swing instructors, leaving long-time friend and counselor Sean Foley for Chris O’Connell, a one-plane swing advocate that turned around Matt Kuchar’s career. The philosophies between the two instructors—or at least the way they are explained—represent a change in methodology for the now 35-year-old Mahan, who spent eight years working with Foley. “Chris and I have done a lot of really great work,’’ Mahan acknowledged Tuesday night. “It’s been a difficult change for us at times. It’s been a frustrating change because there have been days with really good results and successes, but taking it to the course and under pressure has been a completely different animal.”

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