• Skylight, a Ruby profiler, free for open source applications

    Announcing Skylight for Open Source!

    blog.skylight.io 09 Feb '18, 5pm

    Here at Skylight, we love all things open source . We're thrilled to show you just how much we love it with some exciting news: Starting today, we're offering free Skylight accounts to all open source apps! Many of us on the Skylight team are open source contributors ourselves. From o...

  • 4 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Rails App

    blog.skylight.io 10 Jul '15, 8pm

    Some of the best ways to make your Rails app faster are dead-simple and quite often missed. The tragic part is that many of these problems come up over and over again and can be fixed quickly and incrementally. And the benefits of each of these improvements can be significant. This po...

  • Introducing Helix

    blog.skylight.io 31 May '16, 8pm

    // Rust Code extern crate libc; use std::{ptr, slice}; use std::marker::PhantomData; #[repr(C)] #[allow(raw_pointer_derive)] #[derive(Copy, Clone)] pub struct Buf<'a> { ptr: *mut u8, len: usize, marker: PhantomData<&'a ()>, } impl<'a> Buf<'a> { pub fn as_slice(self) -> &'a str { unsaf...