29 Nov '15, 3pm

Butch Harmon's best tips, from tee to green: https://t.co/7Dj0PF04JT https://t.co/6izLPEc2n1

Butch says to drive it great, you need to set up right -- literally. • Shift weight onto your back foot and give yourself a stable base by widening your stance with your back foot. • Save the speed for the downswing and take it back slow. Swinging hard on the backswing only leads to more problems. • Power is about swinging through the ball fast, so swing fast into the finish.

Full article: http://www.golfdigest.com/gallery/butch-harmons-best-tips...


Which tee box is best for your game and enjoyment?

golfwrx.com 24 Nov '15, 6pm

Preach the good word Dennis! I can’t get our club pros, all of them still in the bloom of their plus handicap careers, to ...

Transmitting Tee Vee From A Pi

Transmitting Tee Vee From A Pi

hackaday.com 28 Nov '15, 12am

Want to set up your own television station? This hack might help: [Jan Panteltje] has worked out how to turn a Raspberry P...