28 Apr '11, 12pm

20XI hit retail tomorrow! @NikeGolf 20XI Golf Balls-Photos from "Oven West" & chat w/Nike's Mike Pai

One of the more anticipated golf product releases of the year will take place tomorrow, April 29th, as the Nike Golf 20XI golf balls become available at retail. We’ll have some more coverage on this event based on Flagstick Editorial Director Scott MacLeod’s recent visit to the Nike Golf R&D Facility for Golf Balls near Portland, Oregon, but for starters we thought we would share this Podcast/Slideshow developed from the visit. After a media tour of the facility was led by none other than Rock Ishii, the man responsible for Golf Ball Development for Nike Golf, Scott sat down with Nike Golf’’s Director for Global Ball & Bag Business, Mike Pai, to discuss the impact of the 20XI Golf Balls and their technology for Nike Golf.

Full article: http://www.flagstick.com/teeshots/?p=3414


Don't forget about and their never lay up attitude.

Don't forget about and their never lay up attit...

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HOLE IN ONE! On Father's Day this year of 2010, I was lucky enough to experience a hole in one with a brand new Top Flite ...