27 Oct '14, 1pm

Happy Birthday Patty Sheehan! To view patty's Hall of Fame page go to:

"I saw myself as a winner from a very young age. I played with boys all my life, and I seemed to be their equal, if not better. I never thought of myself as anything less than a winner. To be successful, you need drive, determination and a belief in yourself, and some kind of peacefulness about what you're doing." Two years later, Sheehan came to Oakmont C.C. after two consecutive victories. She birdied the 71st and 72nd holes, then went on to defeat Juli Inkster in a playoff. She won the Open again in 1994, but the victory in 1992 at Oakmont was her crowning achievement. "It was such a great comeback from 1990, and emotionally it healed so many wounds," Sheehan told writer Liz Kahn. "It was the most significant win of my career because I overcame so much doubt. It would have been very hard to live the rest of my life without winning an Open. Now I feel I'm on vacation fro...

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